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Project Anomaly is a free FPS that contains tactical decision making and strategy. 

What is special

In this FPS you can have your own server where you can find every map, mode or people to play with. This FPS combines physics objects which you can pick up, drop or launch to use as defences, blockouts or as a gun. Both teams Red and Blue have to defend choke points. Using the environment arpund you can help you and your team get closer to victory. There are 5 main game modes-Death match, Bomb defusal, Hostage rescue, Point defence and Elimination.

Every map has two versions destructable and undestructable. In destructable you can break walls and other objects by shooting at them.

Choose your arsenal

There are different classes in the game each with their own primary, secondary weapon and utilities.

By the community

The community leads the development. Everything the community wants is read and reviewed by the developers. You can also chat with us on Discord: https://discord.gg/p3a3ftf


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